If a bonobo say NO did he mean NO?

"Head-shaking gestures are commonly used by African great apes to solicit activities such as play. Here, we report observations of head shaking in four bonobos apparently aimed at preventing the recipient from doing something. This may reflect a primitive precursor of the negatively connoted head-shaking behavior in humans. Further investigations are needed to clarify the preventive function of head shakes and their evolutionary role in the evolution of negation in humans."


SCHNEIDER, C.; CALL, J. & LIEBAL, K. (2010): Do bonobos say NO by shaking their head? Primates. Published online 24 April 2010 : doi 10.1007/s10329-010-0198-2

Sembra che perfino tra i nostri cugini i scimpanzé bonobo si é diffusa la conoscenza della qualitá delle documentazioni scientifiche sui nostri canali...

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